Cloud County Health Department to Hold Retirement Reception for Outgoing Administrator Diana Gering, RN Linda Coons

By Toby Nosker
KNCK News Director

The Cloud County Health Department will host a retirement reception Friday, April 21st for outgoing County Health Administrator Diana Gering and Registered Nurse Linda Coons.

The reception will be held from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm in the Basement Meeting Room at the Cloud County Courthouse.

Gering has been serving as Cloud County Health Administrator since January of 2009. Prior to that, Gering served as Cloud County's Assistant Health Administrator for former County Health Administrator Cynthia Weber.

As KNCK News was the first to report last month, the Cloud County Commission appointed Brandi Bray to the position of Health Administrator, filling a position that was left open following the retirement announcement this year by Gering. Gering's retirement is effective May 1st.

The Cloud County Commission interviewed three applicants for the job at a special meeting in late-February. Bray, the former Director of Home Health at the Cloud County Health Department, has been hired at the introductory salary of $39,500. Following an evaluation set for May 1st, Bray's salary will increase to $44,500.

Earlier this month, the Cloud County Commission approved the hire of Brenda Dark as Home Health Director, approved a classification change for Amy Sulanka from a Home Health Nurse to Family Planning/Emergency Preparedness, and approved the new hire of Patricia Topliff as a Registered Nurse to fill the open position left vacant by Coons' retirement.