Cloud County Board of Commissioners Approves July 2017 Slate of Get in the Cloud Grants

The Cloud County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the July 2017 Slate Selection for the Get in the Cloud small business grant program administered by CloudCorp. Three applications were considered by the Get in the Cloud Grant Committee and two were funded.

The Clyde Hotel:

The Clyde Hotel was recently purchased by Clyde native, Jayda Branfort.This is the only hotel in Clyde. With the new ownership, the hotel is already seeing an increase in occupancy. The owners are eager to make some much-needed improvements to the hotel including a new HVAC system, restoring the structural integrity of the building with a retaining wall and installing a water heater to serve all customers of the hotel. The Committee awarded this project $30,000 to go towards HVAC, the retaining wall, and a new water heater.

The Purple Door:

Jeannie Hauck has opened a ceramic art studio in downtown Miltonvale where anyone can come and make pottery from wet clay or paint already fired bisque. She also sells retail items she has produced. Jeannie opened her doors as quickly as possible and has had a great response from the community. Jeannie has applied for funds primarily to fix her roof and update her electrical system. These two projects would help with the integrity of her building. The Committee awarded this project $20,000 with funds to go towards fixing her roof and updating the electrical system.

The total amount requested during this grant cycle was over $97,000. The Get in the Cloud Grant Committee was awarded $150,000 this year from the Meridian Way Wind Farm funds and had $10,000 remaining in the pool from previous projects. In May, $110,000 was awarded to six different projects leaving $50,000 for today's awards.

The Get in the Cloud grant, established in 2014 by CloudCorp, is now in its fourth year of granting entrepreneurs the funds to grow and develop their small business in Cloud County. A total of 31 businesses have been awarded by the Commission from the wind farm gift provided by EDP Renewables. This program continues to provide support through mentoring and access to capital.