Cloud County Commissioners to Attend Kansas Association of Counties Meetings in Overland Park

Regular session of the November meetings of the Cloud County Board of Commissioners was called to order at 9:00 a.m. on November 13, 2017 in the Commissioners' room at 811 Washington, Concordia, Kansas with Chairman Bill Czapanskiy, Members Gary Caspers and Bill Garrison, and County Clerk Shella Thoman present.

County staff attending was: Andy Asch, Highway Administrator; Jerry Collins, IT Director; Brandi Bray, Health Department Administrator; Henry Eilert, Maintenance Manager; and Robert Walsh, County Attorney.

Robert Walsh, County Attorney and Andy Asch, Highway Administrator discussed the permit request from AT&T. Asch will discuss the permit with AT&T.

Department Head: 9:22 - 10:10 a.m.
Jerry Collins, IT Director - October was Cyber Security Month. Waiting on 1 more report to complete the ransom attack, no evidence thus far that any information was removed from the servers.

Andy Asch, Highway Administrator - Finishing rock jobs, working on a bridge repair, completed repairs on the dozer.

Barry Porter, County Appraiser - Has been spending a lot of time on county roads and compliment the Road Crew on a job well done. Request the Department heads look at the Cloud County Mapping Website and discussed future possibilities.

Brandi Bray, Health Department Administrator - Still doing flu vaccines and encouraged everyone to wash hands frequently.

Henry Eilert, Maintenance Manager - Removed the concrete slab out of the shed and moved the mower from the Health department. Mower is ready for winter weather. Winterized the cooling tower, boiler up and running, trees trimmed at Health Department.

Shella Thoman, County Clerk - Election last week turnout was in-line with the majority of Counties in the 20 percentile, voters that used the new ExpressVotes had good things to say. One polling place used 295 of the 300 Express Vote ballots and had 550 voters; polling location requested more ExpressVote machines. Food bank challenge information will be out soon. Open enrollment will be November 27th and 28th.

Gary Caspers, Commissioner - KCamp doing a pilot program for employment testing.

Henry Eilert, Maintenance Manager reported follow up on the heaters for the Appraisers Office. The Appraisers Office request no action be taken.

Brandi Bray, Health Department reported the Community Health Needs assessment meeting is November 15th; the North Central Healthcare coalition meeting is Friday November 17th, the Great American Smoke-out is November 16th, LEPC will meet on November 15th, she is continuing the public Health Leadership series, working on the Audit for 2016-2017 Emergency Preparedness grant and is beginning employee evaluations.

On a motion by Commissioner Garrison, second by Commissioner Caspers, unanimous vote the Board approved a 10 minute (11:06 - 11:16 a.m.) executive session to discuss Land Acquisition Exception including Bray and Thoman.

On a motion by Commissioner Caspers, second by Commissioner Garrison, unanimous vote the Board approved Resolution 2017-29 voiding check #202830 on July 27, 2017 in the amount of $103.26 to Brenda Dark as the check was not received by the vendor.

On a motion by Commissioner Caspers, second by Commissioner Garrison, unanimous vote the Board approved signing the 3-year Rate Stabilization Program Agreement with KCamp.

The Board reviewed options for employee Vision plans, no change was made. County will offer an Identity Theft policy. Both policies are paid by employees. The Board discussed the Food bank challenge, Departments that meet their goal will receive Martin Luther King Day off.

The Board approved the following expenses totaling $156,216.24.
General Fund - $53,170.50
Road & Bridge - $38,320.56
Special Bridge - $398.04
Juvenile Justice - $538.93
Community Correc - $375.90
Appraisal - $521.66
Co. Tourism & Conv. - $24,364.87
County Health - $5,973.75
Noxious Weed - $9,992.48
Election - $1,403.46
Special Building - $360.00
Employee Benefits - $1,000.00
Solid Waste - $19,663.02
Field Services - $13.57
Auto Special - $98.50
Vending Machines - $21.00

Commissioner Czapanskiy attended the Cloud County Resource Council meeting on Wednesday November 8th.

On a motion by Commissioner Garrison, second by Commissioner Caspers, unanimous vote the Board approved the minutes as presented.

The Board adjourned at 12:33 p.m., until Monday, November 20, 2017.