Deadline for Cloud County Wind Farm Grant Applications is March 30th

By Toby Nosker
KNCK News Director

Cloud County has set a March 30th deadline to receive applications for those interested in receiving support through the Meridian Way Wind Farm dollars provided each year by EDP Renewables.

On March 5th, Cloud County received a gift of $300,000 from the Meridian Way Wind Farm and EDP Renewables. The funds are to be used to support innovative projects that enhance quality of life, prosperity and safety of the citizens of Cloud County by creating additional educational, recreational, social, health, community development, and economic opportunities for them and for existing and new businesses in Cloud County.

Get in the Cloud Grant Program
CloudCorp made a formal request January 29th for $150,000 to support the Get in the Cloud Small Business grant program.

Since 2014, Get in the Cloud grant funds have been used to encourage economic development in Cloud County, while increasing the property value of existing structures or land. To date, grants totaling $599,934.55 have been awarded to 29 projects in Aurora, Clyde, Concordia, Glasco, Miltonvale and rural Cloud County. Last year's grant recipients were Clyde Automotive, Clyde Community LLC, the Clyde Hotel, Complete Lawn Care, Duis Meats, The PURPLE Door, RMA Engineering, and the Whole is Greater in Miltonvale.

Ashley Hutchinson, CloudCorp Executive Director, says the Get in the Cloud grant fund provides competitive grants and mentoring support for new and existing businesses.

Entrepreneurs who successfully complete the educational component and who own an existing business located in Cloud County or are developing a business concept they intend to locate in Cloud County will be eligible to apply for a one time grant of 50% of start-up costs or $50,000, whichever is less, to fund eligible expenses. Existing businesses are eligible if they can show increased sales/customer base from an addition to their current facility.

The decision to award funds rests solely with the CloudCorp Get in the Cloud Committee with final approval of the awardee slate by the Cloud County Commissioners.

If awarded funds, CloudCorp will monitor the business to assure that the awarded funds are used as stated in the grant application. CloudCorp extends further support by providing participants with a network of experienced, successful business mentors they may rely on after the courses end and as they continue building their business.

Other Requests
The Cloud County Fairboard is requesting $12,490 to add ten portable stalls to the horse and beef barn at the Cloud County Fairgrounds to provide space for more horses to be stalled and storage areas during the Cloud County Fair.

The Clyde Area Foundation is requesting $5,000 to award grants to non-profit organizations in the Clyde area. The previous grants were used for improvements to the Clyde ball field and concession stand, new fans for the Guardians of the St. Joseph Church, purchase of new pagers for Clyde EMS and equipment for the Clyde Fire Department, the purchase of a new van for Park Villa Nursing Home, improvements to the Clyde Recycling Center, and furnishings for the Randolph-Decker Public Library.

And Clyde Development, Inc. is requesting $20,000 to purchase a 27.90-ton Air-Cooled Scroll Compressor Chiller for the Park Villa Nursing Home. The group is working to raise $15,000 more from an in-house fundraiser, the Wood Charitable Trust in Clyde, and corporations affiliated with area businesses that have a history of grant-making. Park Villa Nursing Home will pick up the final $10,000 to $15,000.