Fundraising Campaign Set to Install New Roof at POW Camp Concordia Museum

By Toby Nosker
KNCK News Director

The POW Camp Concordia Preservation Society is set to begin a fundraising campaign to install a new roof at the site of their museum, located on Union Road north of Concordia.

Camp Concordia was a World War II internment camp for German POWs from May 1, 1943 through November 8, 1945. At its height, the camp held over 4,000 Germans. Strategically located in the heartland of America, where prisoners could be employed on local farms, the camp saw only two escapes and eight POW deaths during its operation. Hastily built in the spring of 1943, the camp consisted of more than 300 buildings, including a hospital, post, restaurants, fire department, and barracks. Total cost of building the Camp Concordia was $1,808,806.

The POW Camp Concordia Preservation Society has a small, but growing museum in Building T9, but Paul Rimovsky says they need to cover the existing roof of the facility with a new roof.

Camp Concordia is located two-miles north of Concordia on US Highway 81, and one mile east on Union Road.