Cloud County Commission Conducts Monthly Department Head Meeting

Regular session of the May meetings of the Cloud County Board of Commissioners was called to order at 9:00 a.m. on May 14, 2018 in the Commissioners' room at 811 Washington, Concordia, Kansas with Chairman Gary Caspers, Members Bill Czapanskiy and Bill Garrison, Cathy Davis, Deputy County Clerk present. County Clerk, Shella Thoman arrived at 9:20 a.m.

County staff attending was: Andy Asch, Highway Administrator; Henry Eilert, Maintenance Manager; Brian Marks, Sheriff; JoDee LeDuc, County Treasurer; Jerry Collins, IT Director; Brandi Bray, Health Department Administrator; and Barry Porter, Appraiser.

Others attending: Tyler Husa, River Valley Extension District and Lea Throckmorton, District Court Clerk.

On a motion by Commissioner Czapanskiy, second by Commissioner Garrison, unanimous vote the Board approved Resolution # 2018-16 to cancel 11 checks totaling $446.19, as at this time they have been outstanding for two years.

Department Head Meeting 9:15 - 9:45 a.m.
Lea Throckmorton, District Court Clerk - Fully staffed at this time; still in discussion about raises and working with a company in Texas regarding court programs.

Tyler Husa, River Valley Extension District - Saturday, May 12 had tractor safety at CTI and discussed Wheat Plot Tours in June.

Andy Asch, Highway Administrator - Cleaning up from the rain and storm damage last week.

Barry Porter, Appraiser - Wrapping up hearings and will be finishing up values to certify. Received 14 of the 18 applications back that were given out for the Field Appraiser position.

Brandi Bray, Health Department Administrator - Working on Kan Be Healthies, she attended the Infectious Disease Symposium last week and will take fans as a donation that are given to residents in need.

Henry Eilert, Maintenance Manager - Air has been turned on in the Courthouse and will be working on cleaning out the boiler.

Brian Marks, Sheriff - One deputy currently at the Academy, working with OSE in coming up with a solution for the Law Enforcement Center problems. Jail currently is housing 92 inmates (70 out of County). Interviewing for the Secretary position.

Shella Thoman, County Clerk - Attended the County Clerks & Election Officials Association meeting last week in Wichita.

Gary Caspers - Any budgets left to turn in please get them submitted.

Andy Asch, Highway Administrator presented four resolutions for removal of weight limit signs, attended the Association Conference last week, mowers will start next week and opened Tire Bids. Bids were received from Commercial Tire Center, Becker Tire, Thompson's OK Tire, Inc and Kansasland Tire. Asch will review the bids and report back next week.

On a motion by Commissioner Garrison, second by Commissioner Czapanskiy, unanimous vote the Board approved Resolution 2018-17, 2018-18, 2018-19, 2019-20 removing weight limit signs on Bridge No. 6327 (spanning West Oak Creek), Bridge No. 639 (spanning Oak Creek), Bridge No. 828 (spanning Middle Creek), and Bridge No. 526 (spanning Salt Creek) due to new state regulations.

Sales tax received April 24, 2018 totaled $55,447.27 compared to the prior year totaling $59,356.83. The Board reviewed the Composition of Cash Balances and Investments report and Fund Status report as of April 30, 2018 totaling $10,725,692.34.

The Board acknowledged a thank you from Cloud County Community College (CCCC) and CCCC - Renewable Energy Technology program in regards to the Wind Farm funds they received.

The Board approved the following expenses totaling $180,062.65.
General Fund - $25,876.87
Road & Bridge - $54,036.44
Special Bridge - $45,698.00
Vending Machines - $31.00
Juvenile Justice - $335.26
Community Correc - $2,925.80
Appraisal - $759.58
Co. Tourism & Conv. - $3,133.53
County Health - $15,365.38
Noxious Weed - $11,235.70
Election - $44.93
Solid Waste - $19,108.98
Employee Benefits - $1,000.00
Court Services - $499.30
Field Services - $11.88

On a motion by Commissioner Garrison, second by Commissioner Czapanskiy, unanimous vote the Board approved the minutes as presented.

Commissioner Czapanskiy attended the Resource Council meeting Wednesday, May 9th and the Chemical Dependency Meeting Friday, May 11th both in Concordia.

On a motion by Commissioner Garrison, second by Commissioner Czapanskiy, unanimous vote the Board adjourned at 11:00 a.m., until Monday, May 21, 2018.