PHOTO GALLERY: Kid's College Movie Night

BY: Ashton Hittle

Cloud County Community College's 9th Annual Kid's College concluded events Wednesday, July 11th. This year, a family movie night at the Broadway Plaza was added to the schedule.

PICTURED ABOVE: Groups of people excited for the movie to start.

PICTURED ABOVE: People at the Kids College movie night.

PICTURED ABOVE: The Plaza where the movie begins.

PICTURED ABOVE: The Kids College Program being talked about before the movie begins.

PICTURED ABOVE: The crowd that has formed at the Plaza.

PICTURED ABOVE: Kids waiting patiently at the Plaza for the movie to begin.

PICTURED ABOVE: Excited kids get popsicles before 'The Lion King' begins.

PICTURED ABOVE: Children collecting their popsicles before the movies begin.

PICTURED ABOVE: Many people at the plaza waiting for the event to start.

PICTURED ABOVE: Dr. Adrian Douglas talking about the kids college program.

PICTURED ABOVE: A group of kids listening to the introduction.

PICTURED ABOVE: Families waiting for the movie to begin.