NCK - Area Agency Zoom Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA) Sessions

In recognition of Older Americans Month, officials with the North Central-Flint Hills Area Agency on Aging (NC-FH AAA) announced three more seminars on Durable Powers of Attorney presented by Paul Shipp, Managing Attorney with Kansas Legal Services. 

The Durable Power of Attorney is a legal document that designates who will handle one’s personal affairs if mental capacity is impaired or lost. The Zoom seminars address questions and provide best practices in naming a DPOA and also provide easy-to-understand information about DPOAs and Living Wills. 

 The next three Zoom event seminars focused on what people need to know to make DPOA decisions will happen:

  •     Thursday, May 14 at  11 am
  •      Thursday, May 21 at   2 pm
  •      Thursday, May 28 at  11 am

Topics highlighted will include “Why having an up-to-date DPOA is important,” “What to consider in naming a person to be your DPOA,” “What to expect from someone who is your DPOA,” “Who should have a copy of your DPOA and Living Will documents” and other related questions.

To register for these Zoom events people should go to or call 1-800-432-2703 the day before the event.

Detailed instructions in how to participate in Zoom technology is available at There is no cost for participating; voluntary contributions are appreciated and accepted.

“Our goal with this Answers for Older Kansans  series is to give older Kansans, people living with disabilities, their caregivers and family members quality, practical information about DPOAs and Living Wills—and COVID-19 season gives people time to think about their decisions” Julie Govert Walter, Executive Director of the NC-FH AAA, the region’s Aging and Disabilities Resource Center, said. 

Shipp, who has 20 years of experience in elder law, said that many Kansans put off decisions and completing DPOA paperwork. This often places unnecessary burdens on their families and loved ones.

”What if an accident, COVID-19 or dementia leaves you unable to tell your doctors what kind of medical treatment you want--or makes it impossible to manage your financial affairs?” Shipp asked.

“No one likes to think about grim times—however, it’s just smart to make plans for bad situations—and the truth is almost everyone faces this kind of bad situation sometime in their lives.”

Information packets including model DPOA and Living Will documents created by Kansas Legal Services specifically for this initiative will be available to each participant who registers. 

For more information about the DPOA Basics or to reserve your place, call the North Central-Flint Hills Area Agency on Aging (NC-FH AAA) at (800) 432-2703 or go to

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