North Central Kansas Residents Invited to a Meet-and-Greet with Rural & Remote on Wednesday

North Central Kansas Residents Invited to a Meet-and-Greet with Rural & Remote on Wednesday

Interested in working from home? Are you an employer looking for remote workers in Northwest Kansas? Do you currently work from home?

CloudCorp invites community members to join them on Wednesday, June 12th at 10 am at the Brown Grand Theatre in downtown Concordia for a casual meet-and-greet with Rural & Remote to learn about the program and how it can change employment options in Northwest Kansas.

The Northwest Kansas Economic Innovation Center announced in March 2019 a new, full-fledged program through Rural & Remote.

Rural & Remote, an initiative of Ogallala Commons,  is a program that provides job placement support for many different career tracks for people who want to live in Northwest Kansas and work for companies across the nation that hire remote workers.  Remote positions can include but are not limited to marketing, office administration, sales, graphic design, and more.  Leads are given to those who inquire and are qualified for positions.  It is then up to the Northwest Kansas prospect to follow up with these leads and secure the work.  These positions often offer above average wages and benefits, beyond what currently exists in Northwest Kansas. 

This Rural & Remote initiative will bring new and increased job opportunities to the Northwest Kansas territory of twenty-six counties that the Dane G. Hansen Foundation and Northwest Kansas Economic Innovation Center serve.

Remote work, also referred to as telecommuting, is work done outside of a traditional office environment. This could mean working from home, a coworking space, or a coffee shop.  Over the last 10 years, remote work opportunities have been on the rise, as employers become more comfortable with having remote employees. It is estimated that 43 percent of U.S. workers spend at least some time working remotely.

CloudCorp Executive Director Kim Reynolds says this provides a huge opportunity for people living in rural communities to access higher paying jobs, have more career options than currently exist, and to use degrees and training.


Refreshments will be available at the event.