O'Connor Animal Shelter In Concordia, KS

Although the O'Connor Animal Shelter was not actually built until 1983, it was established in 1977 through a trust fund bequeathed by Isabel O'Connor for the support, maintenance, or institution of a small animal shelter and cemetery for the City of Concordia and its surrounding territory. 

Unlike some dog pounds which keep animals until they run out of room, and then put the animals to sleep, this shelter is a No-Kill shelter. That means, all the animals who end up at the O'Connor shelter will be cared for, adopted out, or sent to foster homes or animal rescues, regardless of the time they are here. Unless they are terminally ill, they will not be euthanized. 

There is one Animal Control Officer, Jodi Baker, and she is responsible for everything from picking up animals, taking them to the veterinarian, bathing/grooming them, cleaning kennels, and feeding. In addition, she spends hours on the phone and online, trying to find homes for all the animals at the shelter. 

The Friends of the O'Connor Animal Shelter are a small group of shelter volunteers who work in our spare time, helping her take care of the dogs and cats at the shelter. If you would be interested in helping, there is always need for people to mop kennels, feed animals, change litter boxes, wash food and water bowls, etc. You could volunteer as a dog walker or a cat socializer, or volunteer to babysit young kittens and puppies until they are old enough to be adopted. If you are crafty, you could make sweaters, bedding, or toys for the animals. If you are a handyman, you could help us fix up the buildingwe need a lot of facelifting!Right now, the urgent needs of the shelter are for warmth in the kennel area. The dog doors are always left open, so the dogs can do their business outside. When the temperatures dip down below freezing, it is very hard to keep the kennels warm enough. We have a barn heater, but what we really need is a system for hanging vinyl or PVC flaps on the doors to block the wind. Any ideas, help, or donations for the Baby, Its Cold Outside Project would be appreciated.

The Shelter does have some money for maintenance, but not enough to operate totally independently. We rely on the generosity of people who donate food, cleaning supplies, medicine, blankets, and other pet supplies. For example, we go through a lot of paper towels and disinfecting wipes. We are always low on towels and bedding material. We sometimes need many many bags of cat litter, or we might have a litter of pups who need puppy food. 

If you have ever had a pet, you know what we need. You can bring anything you wish to donate to the Police Department on the corner of 6th and Cedar, and Sarah will be glad to take it out to the shelter. No gift is too small. 

If you cannot bring your donation to the station, please call Jodi, and one of us can come by your house and pick it up.If you are interested in donating your time, give Jodi a call at 785-243-3131 and talk to her about signing up as a volunteer. Since we are sometimes privy to confidential information, all City volunteers need to be approved, so it might take several days to actually begin working.

Next time you are at the store, consider picking up a few extra cans of cat food, some dog treats, or a box of disinfecting wipes, and swing by the Police Station. We appreciate all the support and donations we receive!

Mary Anderson memery51@gmail.com 785-614-1458

Marylu Fellows jafmlu@nckcn.com 785-243-5640

Noah Srait 785-243-4630 (Jitters)

Jodi Baker (ACO) animalcontrol@concordiaks.org 243-3131