Board of Regents Announces 2022 Fall Semester Enrollment, Cloud County Community College Increases for First Time Since Start of COVID-19 Pandemic

Kansas Board of Regents
Kansas Board of Regents

Preliminary census day figures released Thursday, September 29th by the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) show a slight decrease in student enrollment across the state’s public higher education system.  Public universities and community colleges experienced a decrease in enrollment, while technical colleges had an increase.  Overall, the system has experienced a 1.0 percent decline in enrollment as of the 20th day fall census compared to the prior year.

“The preliminary fall enrollment numbers show a continued trend of decreasing enrollment for many Kansas colleges and universities,” said KBOR Chair Jon Rolph.  “Our system is taking decisive action to reverse declining enrollments, better serve students and ensure that our state has the workforce needed to grow the Kansas economy.  Initiatives such as our general education package and implementation of student success initiatives will help our system serve and graduate more students.”

Across the six state universities, there was a decrease of 1,333 students (-1.5 percent).  Community colleges experienced a decrease of 630 students (-1.0 percent), while technical colleges saw an increase of 569 students (6.0 percent).

As KNCK News was the first to report earlier this week, Cloud County Community College is up 7.8 percent in headcount, the institution's first increase in enrollment since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The college, which saw an 11.8 percent decrease in headcount between 2019 and 2020, is one of just four community colleges in the state to see more students on campus this fall.

According to the fall preliminary enrollment summary, Cloud County Community College's enrollment has increased by 120 students from 1,531 to 1,651.  According to the Board of Regents, this is the second largest overall increase among Kansas community colleges this year behind Barton Community College.

In full-time equivalency, Cloud County Community College is up 5.4 percent, rising from 889 students to 937.  Full-time equivalency is calculated by dividing the total number of undergraduate credit hours taken in a semester by 15 and graduate credit hours by 12.

Also in North Central Kansas, enrollment at the start of the fall semester at North Central Kansas Technical College has increased 12.8 percent.  NCK Tech is also up 2.7 percent in full-time equivalency.