Choosing and Caring for Your Christmas Tree

Choosing and Caring for Your Christmas Tree

Whether consumers are looking for a live or artificial Christmas tree this season, media, trade, and retail organizations have echoed the same recommendation across the board: consumers should find and buy their Christmas trees early this year.

With supply chain issues throughout the U.S. impacting availability, consumers who delay their tree purchase will face limited selection and fewer options than in years past.

As the year progresses, the American Christmas Tree Association continues to recommend that consumers purchase their tree as early as possible this year. 

When choosing an already cut Christmas tree, River Valley District Horticulture Agent Kelsey Hatesohl says there are a few things you should check to make sure the tree isn’t too far gone, before purchasing the tree.


Once you have brought your tree home, Hatesohl says you want to recut the trunk.


When deciding on where to place your tree, you want to place it in the coolest spot as possible.

Hatesohl says it can be hard to find the perfect place that isn’t in the middle of the room, but you want to keep it away from as much heat as possible.


Monitor the tree for freshness.  After Christmas or if the tree is very dry, remove it from the house.