Kansas Celebrates National Travel and Tourism Week

Kansas Celebrates National Travel and Tourism Week

This week is National Travel and Tourism Week, which celebrates travel and tourism as an economic driver, business recruitment tool, and an important element of state and community pride.

The travel and tourism industry directly supports more than 66,000 jobs, and in 2019 alone, brought in $7.3 billion into the state of Kansas.

Bridgette Jobe, Kansas Tourism Director, says they see 2021 as a year of rebuilding and growth for Kansas travel after the COVID-19 pandemic put a pause on welcoming visitors.


The combined direct and indirect economic impact of travel amounted to $11.8 billion in 2019.  That generated $671 million in state and local tax revenue, a figure that to replace would require an additional $600 in taxes from each Kansas family.

As the state continues to get back to normal and recover from the pandemic, Jobe says they are working to attract more travel and tourism to Kansas.


Kansas Tourism will relocate to the Kansas Department of Commerce on July 1st as part of a strategic effort to focus on Tourism as an economic driver in the state.  The relocation is a result of input from members of the tourism industry throughout the state that promoted the successful Executive Reorganization Order that Governor Laura Kelly submitted earlier this year.


In the last year, Kansas Tourism has developed new marketing strategies that inspire exploration of Kansas for residents and non-residents alike.


Additionally, Kansas Tourism unveiled a new website this week that makes it easier for travelers to plan an unforgettable Kansas experience.


The new website is found at travelks.com.