New Outdoor Wireless System Brings Sound to Downtown Concordia

New Outdoor Wireless System Brings Sound to Downtown Concordia

Music is now greeting shoppers in downtown Concordia.

Pros of Con, a network of young people age 21-45 who are positively shaping Concordia for future generations through community involvement, collective voice and progressive projects, partnered with Business in Motion, a committee of the Concordia Chamber of Commerce, to raise money to support the permanent installation of an outdoor, weather resistant wireless sound system designed for outdoor sound production events.

Jesse Pounds with Pros of Con told KNCK News the wireless speaker system, which was installed downtown and used for the first time during Concordia’s Hometown Holiday event, has added a pleasant new aspect to being downtown.


Kirby Fox with Pros of Con says the new system covers the entire downtown district.


Darell Gallegos with Pros of Con tells KNCK News they hope the project will enhance the downtown experience, giving residents the chance to listen to music when they shop at area businesses, while community clubs and organizations will be able to utilize the system during their events.


Pounds says future improvements that are anticipated include finding a way to transmit breaking news and weather alerts over the sound system to keep the area informed and safe.


Pros of Con meets on the third Wednesday of each month at noon in the Concordia Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room.